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This Is The Key To Improving Your FP&A System

Financial Planning and Analysis teams need to be able to create robust financial projections to inform strategic decisions for your company, but they are likely to be be missing a key ingredient to produce meaningful analyses.

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The Secret of Working Smarter for Finance Teams

With Finance Teams now facing more and more challenges to produce meaningful analysis and reports in a timely manner, we need to be introducing smarter working practices. We take a deeper look at what this can mean.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Business Planning & Forecasting with Excel

Excel is widely used for business planning & forecasting, but has limitations. We show you 3 ways to gain significant improvements with Vena Solutions software.

Illustration of a typical budget planning laptop screen.

IBM Planning Analytics vs TM1

IBM Planning Analytics has been available for some years now, but there is still some confusion in the market as to what it actually is and how it relates to Cognos TM1. This article clarifies the product and provides a guide to the software's key features.

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IFRS 16 – When Spreadsheets Just Won't Do

If you are involved in financial reporting, then you almost certainly know that IFRS 16, the new standard for Lease Accounting, comes into effect for businesses with a reporting period starting on or after 1 January 2019.

Illustration of a white cloud on a blue background with shadow.

Cloud or On Premise - Which is Best for You?

Many of our customers ask us the classic question ‘’which is better – a cloud or on premises deployment?’’. Realistically, the question they should be asking is ‘’which is better for us?’’

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