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The need to look further than static quarterly or annual planning cycles and to get greater business insights from them is driving change in what once could have been considered a tick box exercise.

Spreadsheets are usually the primary tool that finance departments turn to for their budgeting and forecasting requirements, but these very quickly become extremely difficult to manage due to issues such as version control, data accuracy, and collaboration for efficient financial analysis.

An integrated Budgeting and Forecasting toolset can deliver the cashflow forecasting, which is now so critical to many companies, as part of a much enhanced business budgeting system across your business as a whole, which in turn enables faster financial forecasting and decision making.

A built-for-purpose FP&A system utilises dedicated software that not only easily overcomes spreadsheet issues, but also effortlessly enables all key business systems to be integrated for financial and operational plans across the organisation.

Financial forecasting tools that can deliver ease of use with powerful capabilities is only part of the key to success however. We help our clients to enhance their internal processes and develop forecasts that enable managers to see trends, patterns, opportunities and risks long before their competitors.

InfoCat focus on the delivery of these capabilities. Our long experience of this discipline enables us to deliver world class business performance systems to our clients. 

Integrated Business Planning

Financial Analytics

Gain clarity and focus across all areas of your business.

Driver Based Forecasting

Enable in depth analysis of your key financial drivers.

Budget, Plan, & Forecast

Combine 'top down' and distributed 'bottom up' planning processes.

Operational Planning

Deliver real-time calculation and consolidation.

Scenario Planning

Conduct 'what-if' analysis quickly and accurately.

Leverage Excel

Use existing reports while reducing spreadsheet errors.

Cashflow Forecasting

Accelerate your cashflow analyses & gain faster insights.

Faster Consolidations

Increase accuracy, transparency, and access to information.

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