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IBM Cognos TM1

The engine that powers IBM Planning Analytics

Planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and scorecarding

IBM Planning Analytics: Powered by TM1, formerly known as Cognos TM1, is an enterprise planning software platform that can transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting to reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting.

Available as an on-premise or on-cloud solution, and with extensive mobile capabilities, Planning Analytics enables you to collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts. You can analyse data, and create models – including profitability models – to reflect a constantly evolving business environment.

In addition, integrated scorecards and strategy management capabilities help you monitor performance metrics and align resources and initiatives with corporate objectives and market events.

How TM1 Drives the Features of IBM Planning Analytics

TM1 is the underlying engine that powers IBM Planning Analytics by providing all these features

Powerful Planning and Analysis

Create and analyse sophisticated plans, budgets and forecasts, even those based on large data sets.

Flexible Modelling

Develop and deploy even the most complex planning and analysis models using a guided modelling environment.

Full Microsoft Excel Functionality

Access all the capabilities of a modern planning and analytics solution, leveraging the power of Excel layout and formatting to design input templates and financial reports.

Scorecards & Strategy

Manage integrated model metrics to measure progress toward objectives and link them dynamically to actions and forecasts.

Engage With More Users

Engage users from across the organisation in high-participation planning and collaborate with remote and distributed users through a range of mobile devices, including the Apple iPad.

Cloud-Based Deployment Option

Provide all the functionality of the on-premise solution with optional cloud-based deployment.

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TM1Compare is a powerful, yet easy to use, utility that enables TM1 administrators to visually compare, migrate, audit and synchronise TM1 objects across servers. TM1Compare was developed by US-based IBM and InfoCat partner Carpe Datum.

Compare and Audit

TM1Compare provides a visual environment to readily compare items from two TM1 servers at the object level such as cubes, dimensions and TI processes. You can also compare sub-objects including rules, views, subsets and attributes. TM1Compare compares not just the objects themselves but also the content of those objects. When you identify that a difference exists, you can bring the objects up side by side with the difference highlighted.

Synchronise, Migrate & Promote

The usual process for promoting from development to test, or indeed any migration between TM1 servers, is to take down the target server and then manually copy the objects across. TM1Compare handles this process automatically, and – most importantly – there is no need to take the server down.

Migration Package

Moving TM1 systems between servers, especially in larger deployments, often involves personnel from different teams – for example development and operations. TM1Compare enables you to create a collaborative "migration package", shared by the stakeholders who use it to drive the part of the process for which they are responsible before handing it on to the next team. The migration package ensures tight control of the move and is of particular importance in enterprises with a high level of data governance.