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Support Desk Service

Dedicated application support for IBM Planning Analytics & Cognos TM1

We want our clients to experience minimum disruption in their daily operations

More than 60 companies rely on our highly regarded HelpDesk. Manned by fully trained consultants with real life Planning Analytics & TM1 project experience, we offer dedicated support to our clients - often diagnosing and resolving issues on the spot. We provide support for your software and application, and technical support and advice through our helpdesk. Our support is:


Support requests can be made by telephone as well as email. Subject to your approval, we can take control of your PC and connect directly to your application to aid problem resolution.


Queries are investigated by qualified consultants, with real-life project experience. They can help solve software product issues but have access to knowledge about the application as well.


Through our application support service, our clients can raise support queries that relate to the application itself, rather than just the underlying TM1 software.


We have a formal Service Level Agreement which defines target response times for support calls, based on their criticality to your business. We produce management reports and statistics from the system to ensure our service continues to meet our SLA.