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Corporate Performance Management with Excel

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Budgeting That Pivots With Excel

Vena Solutions provides a fully integrated business planning system which is intuitive to use and easy to integrate with virtually all of your existing company data platforms. If you already maintain an Excel-based financial planning & analysis system, it can be easily re-created within Vena so that you can transform it to a fully centralised and automated system which saves costly monthly spreadsheet maintenance and error checking routines while delivering improved productivity.

Vena's approach to delivering financial modelling recognises that every department in your company already uses Excel as their go-to financial and operational data analysis tool. Historically that has meant that it can be a huge undertaking for a company to transform it's business planning from a spreadsheet to an application-based system, but with Vena's intuitive drag-and-drop interface your transformation will be fast. 

Let Vena take your Excel model to the next level and enable full Corporate Performance Management.

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Budgeting Planning and Forecasting That Works for Your Business

Vena will quickly become a trusted application by your finance department. Existing financial models can be replicated easily, with the added benefit of the elimination of spreadsheet errors. Costly month-end error checking processes become a thing of the past. And because the Vena Excel spreadsheet user interface is so familiar, your entire business can easily adopt a cohesive planning, budgeting, and forecasting platform which provides true Corporate Performance Management capabilities as your business grows.
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Your Data When You Need It

With Vena you'll always have access to your data. Connect to your existing data sources and benefit from fully integrated planning capabilities.

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Automatic Data Refresh

Regularly updated reports, plans, and analyses are automatically run on a schedule, so that you will always have completely up-to-date information without costly and time-consuming update requests.

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Your Data In Real Time

Fast-paced businesses need logistical information to be rapidly updated. With Vena, your data can be run to ensure that you have real-time actuals for the most up to date business-critical information.

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Plan Using Data From All Your Business Systems

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting is nothing without context. Limiting your spreadsheets to data from a single source only tells part of the story. Try combining data from multiple databases and systems into a single spreadsheet or workbook and you soon run into layout issues containing too many tabbed sheets and difficulties in linking it all together.

With Vena, you can easily integrate all of your company databases and systems such as your GL, ERP, CRM, HR and much more so that you can easily obtain drill-through to detail to uncover the real drivers behind the figures and integrate your financial and business planning across all departments.

And when budgeting time rolls around again, collaborating with all budget holders, submitting plans, analysing their effect on your business and approving those submissions is all managed through a centralised system, producing one single version of the truth.

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Vena's features are not restricted to budgeting, planning, forecasting and analytics. The Vena platform provides for a completely integrated financial and operational solution called the Vena Growth Engine. This will enable your Vena application to expand along with your business. Connect cloud and on-premise systems, databases and applications with Vena's Financial Consolidation and Regulatory and Compliance reporting capabilities for fully automated and centralised Corporate Performance Management.

Workforce Management

Plan your costs for tax, headcount, salary, and all your workforce expenses using data from, all of your HR systems, databases and applications.

Sales Performance Management

Plan quotas, territory revenue targets, capacity planning, commission payments and additional incentives all from your familiar Excel interface.

Cash Flow Management

Create driver-based cashflow models that can be run monthly, weekly, or daily. Use existing Excel models and financials to quickly configure and run full statement projections.

Financial Close Management

Make your month-end close process faster and less complex using the Vena automated financial close processes. Consolidate & Reconcile in less time.

Financial Reporting with Power BI

Vena provides native access to Power BI so you can create seamless and dynamic dashboards and reports directly from Microsoft Excel. View from any device.

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