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Easy to Use Budgeting Software

IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 provides an integrated, easy to use software application for Financial Planning & Analysis. It delivers accelerated budgeting, planning, & forecasting processes together with advanced built-in analytical and reporting capabilities which enable powerful what-if scenario analyses, visualisations, and period-end reporting, including the management of IFRS 16 lease reporting, to bring you an ideal, AI-driven, financial performance management solution.

Choose from a range of ideal deployment and user-options so that you can work the way that suits you. Both Local and Express licences are deployed on-premise, while you can also choose to deploy a cloud solution with using the Planning Analytics Workspace licence. Deep integration with Microsoft Excel also offers a familiar UI for those who need or prefer to work mainly via spreadsheets with the IBM Planning Analytics for Excel add-in.

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Do More With IBM Planning Analytics

Solve the challenges faced by modern financial and operational teams. From small departmental requirements to Enterprise deployments alike, gain far greater insight, analytics, and reporting capabilities. Whatever your requirements, there is an ideal deployment option, dedicated solution, or optimal pricing-point that is right for your business. Easily and quickly adapt plans and financial or operational projections. Forecast and deliver insights via visualisations for effortless collaboration. These are just a few of the benefits that we have seen our customers achieve.
Screenshot of IBM Planning Analytics planning process.

Adjust Plans in Real Time

The current rapidly-changing business environment favours the agile business organisation. Easily adjust plans and quickly collaborate with all stakeholders for faster business insights & better decisions.

Illustration of a typical budget planning laptop screen.

Empower Existing Spreadsheets

Keep your hard-earned spreadsheet solution and solve many of the well-known spreadsheet management limitations that you currently work around. Enable your current spreadsheet system in an automated, robust environment for ongoing cost-efficiencies & accuracy.

Experience IBM Planning Analytics and see how you can transform your budgeting, planning, & forecasting

Upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics

Sophisticated Features & Deployment Options mean that you can select from a range of corporate licensing options to suit your budget. You choose how to deliver your FP&A solution, including on-premise, on private cloud, or as a complete software-as-a-service cloud solution. Making the upgrade from spreadsheets, IBM Cognos TM1, or other legacy system is fast, with flexible options for enhanced productivity. With an IBM software-as-a-service cloud deployment, you can leverage the ground-breaking technology of IBM Watson Analytics, helping you discover new insights automatically, directly from your data. Guided data exploration and natural language queries based on common business terms enable you to discover new insights easily, with fast, thorough analysis. Automated visualisations with clear and compelling graphics then help you share the results.

Planning Analytics Workspace

Give your users an intuitive and flexible web-based canvas from which to work with your main financial processes. Create new dashboards and visualisations with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace for greater analytical insights.

Planning Analytics for Excel

State-of-the-art integration enables all the capabilities of a modern FP&A solution whilst leveraging the power of your existing Excel layouts and formatting for budget templates and financial reports.

Planning Analytics Express

Experience the same high level of functionality and performance as the enterprise software, Express is a highly cost-effective route to licensing the software for smaller communities.

Speed of Delivery

Start instantly and grow your deployment quickly wherever needed. Automate budgets, plans, analyses and reports to drive efficiency. Engage your users with intuitive collaborations.

An Agile Platform

Adapt plans and analyses to changing business conditions. Use rolling forecasts and align financial plans with corporate objectives, linked to operational tactics and market events.

Deliver Foresight

Make analytics available to everyone, so they can explore and visualise both internal and external data, and anticipate the future. Never more essential to your business than right now.

IBM Planning Analytics Pricing and Licence Types

Your Licensing Options explained.

Explore the complete range of licence types available, request a personalised trial from us, and read more about the software here.

IBM Planning Analytics Trial. Find out more and explore licensing options.

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