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IBM Planning Analytics on G-Gloud

IBM Planning Analytics for the Public Sector

IBM Planning Analytics for the Public Sector

InfoCat is the only IBM Partner who have been delivering Planning Analytics through G-Cloud since it first became available.

IBM Planning Analytics, formerly branded TM1 Cloud, is a fast, easy, flexible and complete budgeting, planning and analytics solution designed for the cloud. It helps Finance teams in public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations to drive greater process efficiency and deliver the foresight needed to optimise operational performance.

The service delivered through G-Cloud provides a managed, governed, secure environment for all planning, analysis and reporting processes, be they personal, workgroup or enterprise-wide. Procurement through G-Cloud is simple and fast, eliminating the need for full tender and competitive procurement processes.

Your contract for Planning Analytics counts towards your target for SME expenditure.

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Benefits of IBM Planning Analytics on G-Cloud

IBM Planning Analytics is indispensable for any public sector body that wishes to improve its budgeting, financial reporting, forecasting and business planning activities. Many charities, housing associations and other not-for-profit organisations can also take advantage of G-Cloud. The application enables:

Centralised & integrated

Application structure that holds all actuals and plan data, ensuring consistency of business structures, business rules and calculations for all users.

Accelerated timescales

For you to develop budgets and plans, leaving more time for in-depth analysis and leading to improved business decisions.


Enables all departments to participate in a collaborative planning process.

Ability to forecast

Plan and run what-if scenarios more frequently or in different timescales in order to react quickly to changing business conditions.

Powerful functionality

The integrated functionality with on-premises and other cloud applications brings diverse data into an integrated planning system.

Flexible reporting

Multiple options to support all levels of user, from dashboards and scorecards through to traditional reports and charts.

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Fast, easy, flexible and complete budgeting, planning, reporting and analytics solution delivered through G-Cloud in a managed, governed, secure environment.

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