Lease Reporting Simplified

IFRS 16 Solution Accelerator

IFRS 16 is the new accounting standard for Lease Reporting, effective 1 January 2019

A Comprehensive IFRS 16 Application

Under IFRS 16, lessees must record all finance and operating leases on their balance sheet:

* As liabilities, at the present value of the future lease payments

* As assets, reflecting the right to use the asset during the lease term

Calculations will quickly get complex, taking into account the character of the lease and the considerable amount of data that will be needed to support the calculations.

The sheer scale of this exercise means that for almost all affected companies, trying to manage it on spreadsheets will be totally impractical.

Instead, a comprehensive IFRS 16 application will deliver the important accounting tasks efficiently and accurately, and will also provide the insight needed to make optimal decisions on future financing arrangements.

The solution also includes an IFRS 16 qualifier to determine if the contract qualifies under IFRS 16.

IFRS 16 Solution Accelerator

Calculate current and future costs, right-of-use asset value, net present value of lease liability, and perform what-if scenario modelling to determine the effect different leasing options will have on the balance sheet.

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Notebook with screenshot of IBM Planning Analytics IFRS 16 Solution.

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