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TM1Compare is a powerful, yet easy to use, utility that enables TM1 administrators to visually compare, migrate, audit and synchronise TM1 objects across servers.

  • Compare and Audit: TM1Compare provides a visual environment to readily compare items from two TM1 servers at the object level such as cubes, dimensions and TI processes. You can also compare sub-objects including rules, views, subsets and attributes.  TM1Compare compares not just the objects themselves but also the content of those objects.  When you identify that a difference exists, you can bring the objects up side by side with the difference highlighted.
  • Synchronise, Migrate and Promote: The usual process for promoting from development to test, or indeed any migration between TM1 servers, is to take down the target server and then manually copy the objects across.  TM1Compare handles this process automatically, and – most importantly – there is no need to take the server down.
  • Migration Package: Moving TM1 systems between servers, especially in larger deployments, often involves personnel from different teams – for example development and operations.  TM1Compare enables you to create a collaborative "migration package", shared by the stakeholders who use it to drive the part of the process for which they are responsible before handing it on to the next team.  The migration package ensures tight control of the move and is of particular importance in enterprises with a high level of data governance.

If you would like more information on TM1Compare, or to set up a demonstration, please COMPLETE THE CONTACT FORM.

TM1Compare was developed by US-based IBM and InfoCat partner Carpe Datum.


Screenshot of TM1 Compare UI