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Our Professional Services team brings over 80 years' experience and expertise working with our customers to help them realise the full potential of IBM Business Analytics products. We are at the forefront of IBM Planning Analytics development and support for UK customers and maintain dedicated expertise in the support of a wide range of complementary IBM Business Analytics products and implementations.

TM1 implementation


The first step in a Planning Analytics project is a formal scoping workshop, typically facilitated by one of our directors.  This confirms the business requirements and agrees the project objectives.

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TM1 implementation

Agile development

Our experience from scores of projects over many years is that an Agile approach to development is the most effective way to run a Planning Analytics implementation.

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TM1 Planning Analytics training

Training and Skills Transfer

Skills transfer is a key driver of success and is achieved through a mix of formal training and your personnel working closely with the InfoCat consultant during the early stage of the project.

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TM1 Helpdesk

Our Support Desk offers first line support to clients. Our clients value the ability to log calls by telephone as it gives them a very early opportunity to discuss the issue which can often then be resolved on the spot.

In our toolbox

Through our 20 year history with TM1, we have built up a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques to help our clients get the most from their applications.

Experienced consultants

Queries are investigated by qualified consultants, with real-life project experience.  They can help not just with software product issues but have access to knowledge about the application as well.

Added value

Through our application support service, our clients can raise support queries that relate to the application itself, rather than just the underlying TM1 software.

Remote support

We offer remote support, connecting directly to your application to aid problem investigation.  Subject to your approval, we can take control of your PC and you can watch us as we resolve the issue.

Service level

We have a formal Service Level Agreement which defines target response times for support calls, based on their criticality to your business.

Additional services

Health Check

Even the best-designed TM1 applications can degrade over time.  There can be many reasons, but usually it comes down to changed business structures and new elements that were not envisaged at the outset.

InfoCat's health check service provides a comprehensive review and assessment of your TM1 applications and environment, including areas such as performance, application design, maintenance processes, and administration.

The deliverable is a recommendations document that summarises our findings and proposes a course of action to get your TM1 application back to full health.

Licence Consolidation

If you are a long-standing user of TM1, you may have purchased additional functionality and added more users from time to time.  If so you have probably ended up with something of a mixed bag, as the TM1 licence model has evolved over the years. 

You are probably paying maintenance on several different dates too.

InfoCat can help you to consolidate your licences and maintenance, to a consistent base that makes it easier to manage into the future, and that may also save you money.