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Agile Development

We adopt an Agile approach to Performance Management projects.

Our experience from scores of projects over many years is that an Agile approach to development is the most effective way to run a Planning Analytics/TM1 implementation. In a reporting and planning project there will always be unknowns that crop up during the work and a flexible way of working is therefore essential in order to accommodate these.

The principle behind Agile is that it recognises that in performance management projects it can be difficult to specify requirements and priorities precisely in advance, and that they may change during the course of the project.  Agile supports the flexibility of incorporating such changes in-flight, by reprioritising the deliverables, and dropping lower ranked items in favour of new priorities.

This approach is most effective with a relatively small team, which must contain representation from the client, ensuring that the evolving business requirements are being met.  It is paramount that the project team has the authority to make decisions that affect the development work; any need for complex decision-making structures, layers of management sign-off or other time-consuming factors will cause the project to fail.  Day to day management of the project is therefore within the team, but formal project meetings with the project sponsor take place regularly.

The benefits of this approach are multiple:

  • We deliver your budgeting, reporting and forecasting application faster
  • We deliver exactly what you want
  • We can impart skills and knowledge to you throughout the project
  • We can accommodate any last minute changes at minimal cost or impact on the project timetable

At the end of the development you will have taken full ownership of the system and be self-sufficient on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis.  InfoCat are of course still available to provide help with queries and application support if required.

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