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Why xP&A and Why Now

Extended Planning and Analysis Integrates Departmental Plans

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What xP&A Can Really Mean for Your Company

Bring your people, departments, processes, and systems together. Eliminate data silos, and uncover new business insights with intelligent, integrated planning across your whole organisation. If you're ready to take your business planning to the next level, join us for our latest webinar and find out exactly what xP&A can mean for you.

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Extended Planning for every department - business collaboration.

5 Reasons to Start Thinking About xP&A Now

Extended Planning and Analysis enables you to align and integrate critical business business planning processes across your entire organisation. It uses the trusted principles of FP&A to bring finance-led planning best practice to all company departments.

Build Full Business Alignment

Combine data processes and disparate systems from across your business departments to optimise your decision making at every point in real time. All company stakeholders can then share insights and actions to build a better, integrated planning process.  

Give the Finance Department Greater Visibility of Company Planning Budgets

Extend the processes used by the finance team to every department and enable company-wide visibility of the risks, resources and assets affecting company performance at any time and from any viewpoint. Deliver strategic planning for the whole organisation.

Change is A Constant

Change in business planning is now a constant. Embracing an xP&A approach enables your company to stay on top of change and simplify the entire planning process when you need to react to rapidly moving business environments in a timely manner.

Identify New Business Opportunities Quickly

With an integrated and unified single view of business planning, your company can build on the data and processes already used by your FP&A team to identify opportunities for expansion or cost savings. Your business can optimise its operations and plans and move forward intelligently.

Enable Effective Collaboration

Eradicate communication and data silos within your business and enable simple and effective collaboration across departments. Empower all of your business teams to work together towards the same goals within a strategic roadmap for all.

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