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Direct access to TM1 cubes from Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI

Planning Analytics includes its own powerful and flexible dashboard facility, in Planning Analytics Workspace.  However we know that many of our clients also make use of leading business intelligence and visualisation products such as Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI.

Until now, it has been difficult - and needed IT support - to bring data from your TM1 cubes into third party tools.  But with TM1Connect, all that has changed.

TM1Connect is a business-user solution that allows you to dynamically consume TM1 data from other business intelligence applications, in real-time.

TM1Connect highlights include:

  • Drag-and-drop user interface designed for business users
  • Real-Time access to TM1 data from third party BI tools
  • No scripting or ETL required
  • Understands hierarchies & incorporates attributes
  • Honours Planning Analytics / TM1 security

In summary, TM1Connect transforms multi-dimensional data in minutes, enabling you to integrate your Planning Analytics applications with your other corporate reporting and analysis tools.

If you would like more information on TM1Connect, or to set up a demonstration, please COMPLETE THE CONTACT FORM.

TM1Connect is developed by US-based IBM partner Carpe Datum and distributed in the UK by InfoCat.


Access Planning Analytics TM1 Cubes with Tableau QlikView PowerBI

Ask us to show you how to connect TM1 cubes to Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI. COMPLETE THE CONTACT FORM.

Screenshot of TM1 Compare UI