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The first step in a Cognos Performance Management project is a formal scoping workshop, typically facilitated by one of our directors.

This defines what is to be delivered, what our respective roles and responsibilities are, and the target timetable enables us to provide a detailed estimate of the development effort and therefore cost. So at this point, you will know what will be delivered and how together we shall achieve it. Timing will take account of other activities of your personnel, particularly month-end and quarterly forecast commitments.

One of our senior consultants will then work closely with you, analysing your requirements in depth so as to ensure the optimal design of the system.  Ensuring the basic design is right is essential to ensure peak performance of the system, capacity for growth and evolution, and ultimately the success of the project.  

Our implementation team will build the application structures, system interfaces and calculations - consulting, coaching and mentoring to ensure you understand how the system is developing. Security is a key consideration and we will design a security model that manages who can access what parts of the application, and what functionality they enjoy.  

Testing is vitally important and we will be on site to support you through this phase until thorough user acceptance, handling any rework that may be identified.

Throughout the project we ensure maximum knowledge transfer so that we can leave you self-sufficient at the end of the delivery engagement.

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Agile Development

We adopt an Agile approach to Cognos Performance Management projects.
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Skills transfer is a key driver of success and is achieved through a mix of formal training and your personnel working closely with the InfoCat consultant during the early stage of the project.  
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