Modernise Your Financial Close

A Fluence software in-depth survey discussing how mid-market companies are now able to implement affordable financial consolidation solutions which offer efficiency gains and much more, through the use of modern software solutions.

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Affordable financial close & reporting for the mid-market

Mid-market businesses face an issue with financial consolidation. Traditional, enterprise-level software offers a solution, but at a price point many high-growth mid-market companies cannot afford. This survey illustrates how modern software solutions now offer the mid-market a truly affordable solution and uncovers insights into how:

  • Modern software is critical for recruiting & retaining finance staff
  • Standalone spreadsheets hinder informed business decisions
  • An automated financial close process delivers genuinely significant savings

Mid-market businesses now have a means to quickly implement affordable, nimble, financial consolidation and reporting software. Can you afford not to take a closer look? Download the survey today! 

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