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InfoCat are an accredited UK reseller of Fluence Technologies software. We can manage your entire design, implementation and roll-out of the product and also supply ongoing support, licence optimisation and training. Together, we'll ensure that you benefit from affordable, fast & accurate financial consolidations and reporting for all users.

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Find out more about how Fluence Technologies software can deliver faster Financial Close, Consolidation, and Reporting. Get a personalised demo. Review the features with us and find out how you can: 

  • Easily build consolidations & reports straight from Excel
  • Get up and running straight out-of-the-box
  • Benefit from pre-built consolidation models
  • Create automated workflows that save chunks of time

Our demo will show you how you can achieve all this and more, including how Fluence makes intercompany eliminations, account reconciliations, and cashflow management a breeze.

Invite your team to join you for this demo and let them see for themselves just how easy and intuitive Fluence is in use via its Excel interface.

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