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Skills transfer is a key driver of success and is achieved through a mix of formal training and your personnel working closely with the InfoCat consultant during the early stage of the project.  

We use our own training materials and therefore have the flexibility to adapt the training courses to better match delegates' skills and to encompass elements of your own application.

Administrators, developers, super-users
The full set of TM1 training courses for administrators and developers normally takes 5 days:  
- Introductory - 1 day
- Developer - 3 days
- Administration - 1 Day

We would expect the staff involved with the project to attend these training courses.  This normally comprises the project team from the user community and, depending on internal organisation, some IT staff as well (particularly for the administration section).  

We can carry out training either at our offices in central London or at your own premises.  

End users
We find that end-user training is best provided after the application has been substantially completed and your own structures, data and reports are available.  Also, we have found that this training is generally best delivered by members of your own project team although we are happy to assist if needed.

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Other Services


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