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predictive analytics

Sometimes referred to as "forward looking business intelligence", predictive analytics puts the power of advanced statistical analysis in the hands of business users.

Predictive analytics empowers users at all levels to understand data, identify trends and take action to improve business outcomes.

Typical business applications include:

  • Statistical analysis: Make more accurate decisions and achieve better outcomes for your organisation by using advanced statistical procedures and simulations to analyse and understand large and complex datasets, for example by identifying your highest value customers so you can target your campaigns to those with a high propensity to buy
  • Data mining and predictive modelling: Uncover hidden patterns and associations in both structured and unstructured data and predict future outcomes
  • Text analysis: Leverage unstructured data, including web activity, blog content, customer feedback, emails and social media, into your analysis to create a complete view of your customers
  • Social media analytics: Transform social data into actionable insights by uncovering customer sentiment dispersed across online sources, such as social media sites, blogs and enterprise websites


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