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Business intelligence (BI) and business analytics have become widely accepted solutions for more than just business analysts and senior management.  As a result, one size of BI can no longer fit all, nor can traditional BI do it all.

Some users need a desktop solution so they can work independently; workgroups, business units and departments need fast and complete collaborative solutions that are sized for their needs. Large enterprises need to be able to access BI and analytics on a comprehensive and expanding scale, making light work of big data.

Discover key insights, patterns and trends in data that can be used to optimise business decisions:

  • Executive and operational dashboards
  • High impact data visualisations
  • Integrate multiple data sources – ERP & operational systems, DW, TM1 cubes, desktop files
  • Drill to detail reports
  • Self-service reporting and ad hoc query
  • Forward looking BI

InfoCat can help you transform your data into information and become a strategic advisor to the business.



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